Episode 8 – EV Revolution Show Audio Podcast – Nov 30 2018

EV Revolution Show -  Audio Podcasts
EV Revolution Show - Audio Podcasts
Episode 8 - EV Revolution Show Audio Podcast - Nov 30 2018

Episode 8  of the EV Revolution Show Audio Podcast.

A chat with some of my good EV friends in the U.K.!

My special guests:

Jonathan Porterfield – YouTube: Jonathan Porterfield, Twitter: @ecocars1

James Coates- YouTube: James and Kate, Twitter: @KateFantom

Nickolas Raimo – YouTube: Nicolas Raimo (EVnick), Twitter: RaimoNick

I was in the Manchester area at the end of November and met up with these great guys to tape a video edition of my Show.

However, the video quality did not come out well so I decided to use the audio captured from our discussions for this Podcast Episode.

We discussed some relevant news at that time including EV Emissions, End of the Chevy Volt, Sonos Motors, Rivian’s BEV releases and more EV news!

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