Episode 43 – EV Revolution Show Audio Podcast – Author David Welch – Charging Ahead: General Motors Mary Barra and the Reinvention of an American Icon!

EV Revolution Show -  Audio Podcasts
EV Revolution Show - Audio Podcasts
Episode 43 – EV Revolution Show Audio Podcast – Author David Welch - Charging Ahead: General Motors Mary Barra and the Reinvention of an American Icon!

My special guest:  

David Welch, Author & Detroit Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News  

Episode Recorded Via Zoom Video Conferencing Platform. 

Charging Ahead provides and in-depth look into the rise of one of the most powerful female executives in the world, Mary Barra, her forward-thinking vision, her approach to leadership, and her accomplishments against the odds.

I speak with David the author of this book, about it’s origins and coverage of such an important and significant person within the automotive industry! This book is a fantastic and very enjoyable read!

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