Episode 14 – EV Revolution Show Audio Podcast – September 3, 2020

EV Revolution Show -  Audio Podcasts
EV Revolution Show - Audio Podcasts
Episode 14 - EV Revolution Show Audio Podcast - September 3, 2020

Let’s talk about EV batteries! 

My special guest:  Dan Blondal, CEO, Director & Founder, nanoOne Inc.

In anticipation of Tesla’s upcoming Battery Day later this month, I get a chance to talk to Dan and highlight what nanoOne does in the EV battery marketplace as well a discuss some key topics.

NanoOne is a technology company with a patented process for the low cost production of high performance cathode materials used in lithium ion batteries.

We also discuss hot topics such as:

  • Million Mile Battery
  • Jeff Dahn’s Tesla Research Group and Recent Paper
  • Elon and Sustainable Nickel
  • Three Trends Driving the EV Battery Market Today

If you want to learn more about this crucial marketplace, sit back and listen in!

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